CSIDE Update 2019

Hello everyone, and happy holidays!

I want to start this CSIDE article with a HUGE thank you! 2018 has been an absolutely phenomenal year for the ChoiceScript IDE and for ChoiceScript as well!

Over the turn of this year, CSIDE’s desktop download count clocked up to—and past—the THREE THOUSAND downloads mark!

See https://www.somsubhra.com/github-release-stats/?username=choicescriptide&repository=main

While this isn’t a unique count, it’s still an incredibly humbling number!

In addition, 2018 also saw:

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Legacy CS Development Tools

Hello everyone, it’s been a while!

First off, an update: CSIDE is coming, you can rest assured on that, and there will be more news about it soon enough.

For now, please accept my formal apology for the massive hype and buildup created in its name over the late holiday period. Let it suffice to say that I had every intention of committing to that release, but found myself torn between that commitment and one to deliver to you an application that is 100% worth the (increasingly) long wait. I believe I made the right decision, and only hope that you will be inclined to agree, once CSIDE is finally in your hands.

Now to the main point of this post…

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ChoiceScript IDE Pre-Launch Event

ChoiceScript IDE Pre-Launch Event

To celebrate the imminent release of the ChoiceScript IDE we’ll be hosting a Pre-Launch livestream event on the 18th of September. This session will give you a chance to see CSIDE in action ahead of time and decide if it could make a difference to how you develop your interactive fiction (or get you interested in the first place!).

You’ll have a chance to see a variety of its features in action alongside a Q&A with the designers and developer and a start to finish ‘bare bones project’ workshop.

Bring all your questions, eagerness and curiosity - we hope to see you there!

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