Immeasurable gratitude - those are the two words that best describe my feelings about CSIDE. As author of what is probably the CoG community’s longest-running on/off WIP saga, CSIDE’s special blend of oh so useful features & functions is what gives me the renewed confidence and drive to pursue my passion despite life’s many… challenges. What I first viewed as something beneficial to ChoiceScript newcomers - and so supported for that reason - has become something I now firmly believe every Choice Game author should make the most of.

- Bob Middleton, Author of Vendetta: Rise of a Gangster

CSIDE is an extremely useful tool for any author. Designed with Choicescript in mind, it lets you write, test and play your game all within the one program. The settings are well thought out and very useful. Want to get a word count? Sure no problem, what you want to see the word count without those pesky code lines? that’s an option too! Even better when you run tests and your game errors it takes you straight to the offending line which helps bug testing a lot easier. I’d recommend CSIDE to any author wishing to write something in Choicescript whether they are just starting out or even if they’ve already got a game out.

- Matthew Bellingham AKA Sam Kabell, Author of Unnatural

CSIDE is the perfect tool for writing interactive fiction. I’ve been using it for two years now, including when I wrote 120,000 words in one single month for the 4th CS Comp. Between the ease of setting up, the helps–automatic indentation! instant auto-testing with a click! user dictionary!–and the convenience of having everything I need right at my fingertips, my writing is far more productive and less stressful than ever before. I strongly recommend CSIDE to any ChoiceScript author.

- Juliane (Mouse) Ashwood, Winner of 4th Annual CS Competition (The Beastie Watch)

I come from a time before CoG really had such a awesome huge family of writers. CS was not as able to do some the neat tricks it can now. Being a new interactive writer I made the mistake of jumping into a massive project and soon became frustrated and after a year gave up on the project thinking I would never come back to it. Then comes CJW and his nifty little program that did not even really have a name back then, we just called it by its function an IDE. As the program grew in complexity so did my love for the program. Nowadays I find it painful to even to try an write CS outside of CSIDE, plus I was able to take my massive project anew. I am happy two say I finally have the opening done, still another two years of development will be required but with CSIDE I really see this project being completed.

- Lordirish ‘Old Guard’, Organiser and Sponsor of the Annual CSComp